Truth or Consequences New Mexico is situated right on I-25. Albuquerque is 150 miles north of the city and Las Cruces is 75 miles south of the city. The T or C community also includes the city of Elephant Butte and the village of Williamsburg. The population of the combined cities and village is about 7,000. Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools is the only school system in Sierra County. The county population is approximately 12,000. Truth or Consequences Schools has a district enrollment of approximately 1430 students from 2 years through grade 12. There are five schools (Hot Springs High, Truth or Consequences Middle School, Truth Or Consequences Elementary School, Sierra Elementary Complex and  Arrey Elementary) and an administrative office. The district's staff and teachers have a vision to ensure the best possible approach to educational success.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools, the heart of our community, is to inspire and nurture students to dream and develop the ability to pursue their dreams with courage and integrity through educational excellence reflective of academic achievement, cultural values, historical perspectives, and future opportunities fostered by a dedicated and committed staff.


We believe that…

Every person is unique and has individual worth.

Family lays the foundation for integrity and life-long learning.

The community is an essential part of educational success.

A positive work ethic will overcome failure and foster life-long success.

Every individual has the ability to inspire and achieve.

Everyone deserves the highest expectations.

With change comes challenge.

For every success or failure learning is possible.

Quality results come from expectations of quality.

Strategic Objectives

1.  All students will have the educational foundation to realize their dreams.
2.  Every student will be inspired to take an active role to become a life-long learner.
3.  Every student will become a responsible, respectful and compassionate individual who perserveres in life's challenges with courage and integrity.
4.  every student will become a productive citizen who makes positive contributions to society.


1.  We will treat our community as an essential partner.
2.  We will treat each other with dignity and respect.
3.  We will not turn away from the challenge of change.
4.  We will not lower our standards nor accept mediocrity.
5.  We will expect the best from everyone without compromising exellence.


1.  We will ensure our focus on student achievement is aligned and relevant.
2.  We will inspire positive change that sustains an environment of hope and excellence.
3.  We will ensure consistent discipline with enforceable strategies that focus on educational achievement.
4.  We will demand the highest standards for our community of educators.
5.  We will establish and build upon vital relationships on our community.