Curriculum and Instruction



Curriculum consists of the skills and knowledge that students are to learn.  A high-quality curriculum allows students and teachers to study in greater depth some of the most important topics and skills, and it calls on students to use various learning strategies to solve problems.  We strive to:


·        Structure and deliver the curriculum so that all students acquire both the essential skills and knowledge of the subjects.

·        Structure the curriculum so that it responds to students' individual differences.

·        Organize the curriculum so that, as the year progresses, the teacher can let students solve problems on their own.

·        Adjust the curriculum to ensure it recognizes the multiple intelligences students have.

·        Organize the curriculum so that it provides for multiyear, sequential study.

·        Link academic and applied knowledge.

·        Selectively develop integrated curricula.

·        Focus on essential curriculum objectives, i.e., Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards.

·        Maintain an emphasis on improved learning for all students. 

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Below please find a link to standards chosen by our Public Education Department: