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Jump, Glines, Silva

First Grade

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Math & Reading Packet 1

Math & Reading Packet 2

Second Grade

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2nd Grade Packet

2nd Grade Book

2nd Grade Book - Whales

Third Grade

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Fourth Grade

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Science - Simple Machines

Science - Weather


Fifth Grade

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Sixth Grade

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Ms. Jody Hopkins - Social Studies

Instructor-Jessica Griffin, 6th Grade Science

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Other science resources: (see if you can beat my high score on vocabulary games!)

Please feel free to reach out if you need anything!


Jessica Griffin,
6th grade science


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Otros recursos científicos: (¡mira si puedes superar mi puntaje más alto en los juegos de vocabulario!)


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Jessica Griffin,

Ciencias del sexto grado

Eighth Grade

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Ms. Tami Jo Treadwell - Math

Ms. Silva's English classes

8th Grade Science,Instructor Renee Stratton

8th Grade Science Break Work

Middle School Electives

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Ms. Garcia - Computer Class

Ms. Cummings - Ag

Dr. X and the Quest for Food Safety video

1.  Show students the Parts of a Strawberry Plant poster or a live strawberry plant. Point out the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, and seeds of the plant.

2.  Using the information found in the Background Agricultural Connections as a guide, explain the functions of each plant part.

3.  Have the students act out each part of the plant.

·         Roots: Sit on the ground, and pretend to anchor yourself in place to represent roots holding a plant in place. Make sucking noises to represent the water and nutrients being absorbed from the soil.

·         Stems: Stand up straight to represent a stem supporting leaves, flowers, and fruit. Move your arms up your body from your feet to your head. This represents water, nutrients, and sugars moving through the stem.

·         Leaves: Hold hands high in the air to represent leaves receiving energy from the sun to make food for the plant.

·         Flowers: Make fancy poses to represent a flower attracting pollinators.

·         Fruit: Pretend to hold a baby to represent the fruit protecting the seeds.

·         Seeds: Roll into a ball on the ground and then slowly begin to stand up to represent a seed sprouting and growing into a new plant.

4.  Provide each student with a copy of Parts of a Plant Template 1. Have students cut out the flowers and fold up each petal on the dotted line.

5.  Twist green paper into the shape of a stem, and attach it to the back of the flower. Cut out leaf shapes, and attach them to the stem.

6.  Use a hole punch to make holes at the bottom of the stem, and tie brown yarn through the holes to represent roots.

7.  Using the strawberry plant or Parts of a Strawberry Plant poster as a reference, have the students attach each plant part from Parts of a Plant Template 2 onto the corresponding petal.


High School and Middle School Band/Choir Assignments-Instructor, Carmella Barreras

Edmodo Class Code 

TCMS Choir- 99abcs

Music Theory Worksheet 15 Ties & Slurs

Music Theory Worksheet 16 Flats

Music Theory Worksheet 17 Sharps

Music Theory Worksheet 18 Whole-Half Steps


Middle School Art  Instructor, Kim Artman

Hot Springs High School

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Ms.Michelle Cullum - 11th Grade History & AP History, 12th Grade Economics & AP Government 9th-12th Grade Criminal Justice

  • My classes will continue to receive their instruction and resources through Google Classroom.


Foods Class



watch “Before the Plate” on Vimeo-

URL: (right click and select 'open in new tab')
Password: btp


Chemistry, Physics and Coding Classes- Instructor Selim Castrejon

Students please check your District email accounts for instructions. All work will be uploaded to the Edmodo platform daily.


Instructor Sherry Copeland, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Calculus classes-

Please visit the following link

Instructor Marisa Guaderrama- Financial Literacy class

Back Then 

Roommates and Money

Time Budget



High school Geometry, Instructor Marisa Guaderrama

For ch 10 notes use this link:

Practice problems in work book (pictures will be posted in remind app):

pg 259: 1,4,6,9,12,14

pg 263: 1,4,10,13,26

pg 267: 1,2,21

pg 271: 1,3,4,12, 17

pg 275: 1-3,4,9,16

pg 279: 1,2,9,11,18,22

pg 283: 1-6,9


Resources for help:


Algebra 1 and Geometry, Instructor Katherine Garcia

Chapter 11 Rational Expressions

Lesson 11-2 Multiplying Rational Expressions

Lesson 11-3 Dividing Rational Expressions

Chapter 11 Surface Area and Volume Guided Notes and Classwork

Unit 11 Review Packet


Ag Classes, Instructor Julian Marta


Online FFA Record Book for SAE projects, applications and awards. Students can e-mail me for their usernames and password resets if necessary.


Students can judge limited classes of horses and livestock for practice. If students want access to the chapter account for unlimited access, they can e-mail me for username and password.

CDE's - New Mexico Agricultural Education & FFA Association

Contests are listed in alphabetical order - please scroll to find your contest. Below each title are links to the official rules and scantron, with all study materials and resources in the left hand bulleted list.

FFA judging rules and resources.


Resources for remote lessons through the National FFA Website including virtual field trips, lesson plan libraries and the FFA Handbook.


Instructor Mark Hedge, Biology I, II, III, and Advanced Biology classes

Biology 1

Biology 2

Biology 3

Biology 1 Advanced

Biology Advanced Topics

High School and Middle School Band/Choir Assignments-Instructor, Carmella Barreras

Edmodo Class Code 

HSHS Driver's Ed. Spring Semester - 3j743u

​HSHS Vocal Ensemble (Choir) - 39nexp

Music Theory Worksheet 15 Ties & Slurs

Music Theory Worksheet 16 Flats

Music Theory Worksheet 17 Sharps

Music Theory Worksheet 18 Whole-Half Steps


High School Computer Classes, Instructor-Karen Pape

Letter from Ms. Pape

All grades are currently up-to-date. I have emailed all students who need to do missing assignments in order to receive a passing grade for Q4. If you are missing work,  please come and see me on Friday or send me an email.  I will be in my classroom from 12:30-3:30 on Friday, March 20, for assignment pickup.   

High School Basic Math- Instructor, Rebecca Beidler

Basic Math Packet

High School English – all instructors

English Department Links

JROTC classes, Instructor’s Haro and Baca

JROTC Assignment

High School Health Class- Instructor, Derek Bean

Comprehensive Health Power Point 

High School English-Instructor Daniel Terrazas

English Assignments

High School World History Class-Instructor Gus Cardona

The following are the assignments for World History. The book is on line and students have their pass words.


Read the chapter pages 291-309 and answer the questions at the end of each lesson. 

  • Lesson 1: pages 291-298 do questions 1-5 only. Number 6 the writing activity we can do together in class.
  • Lesson 2: pages 298-304 do questions 1-5. Number 6 the writing activity we can do together in class.
  • Lesson 3: pages 305-309 do questions 1-4. Number 5 the writing activity we can do together in class.

Remember to write down the highlighted words to be used on his vocabulary test as he reads the lesson. After he is  done with the lessons the assessments will began. Vocabulary test, quiz and chapter test. 

Online High School Students

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