Elementary Physical Education

Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Teachers will post links here:

Ms. Jody Hopkins - Social Studies

Instructor-Jessica Griffin, 6th Grade Science jgriffin@torcschools.net.

Edmodo Instructions

TCMS Science at Home

Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Teachers will post links here

7th Grade Science, Instructor Gaby Sulzer

Zoom Meeting Info

7th Grade Lesson Guide and Resources

CCD - Natural Resources Vocabulary

Fossil Fuel Activity Cookie Recipe

Fossil Fuels - Activity

Natural Resources Infobook

Natural vs Synthetic - Research

Packet #2 Lesson Guide 4-3

Career Industry and Game

Making Windmills

Make a Windmill

Wind Turbine Diagram

Energy Source Poster

1st Period Edmodo Instructions

2nd Period Edmodo Instructions

2nd Period Edmodo Instructions - Spanish

3rd Period Edmodo Instructions

5th Period Edmodo Instructions

6th Period Edmodo Instructions

7th Period Edmodo Instructions

Packet #3 Science Lesson Guide

Understanding Force and Motion

What is Force

Newton's Law of Motion

Newton's Law of Motion Infographic

Law of Motion Storyboards

Force and Motion Vocab 1

Force and Motion Vocab 2

Force and Motion Experiments

Packet 4 Contents:

Chemical Reactions Lesson Guidelines

Chemical Reactions Revision Sheet

Chemical Reactions in Animals

Evidence of Chemical Reactions

Jitterbugs Classifying Chemical Reactions

Making Something New

Signs of a Chemical Reaction Graphic Organizer

Student Choice Project - Chemistry Connection

Heather Williams, 7th grade Social Studies

Remember to stay informed. Monday thru Friday watch CNN10 and keep track of daily news using our notes sheet. Don’t forget to laugh at the puns (or rolls your eyes like most do) and enjoy the rhymes🤓 Ms. H. Williams

 CNN Notes

Assignments have been added in hmhco.com/one. User names are your first name and first two letters of your last name and the password is:  TCmid19-20

Shelly Terrazas, 7th grade English

1st Period Edmodo Instructions

2nd Period Edmodo Instructions

3rd Period Edmodo Instructions

5th Period Edmodo Instructions

6th Period Edmodo Instructions

7th Period Edmodo Instructions


Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade Teachers will post links here

Ms. Tami Jo Treadwell - Math

Contents of Packet for Pickup May 1st:

Worksheet 3-1

Worksheet 3-2

Worksheet 3-3

Worksheet 3-4

Worksheet 3-5

Worksheet 3-6

Worksheet 5-1

Worksheet 5-2

Worksheet 5-3

Worksheet 5-4

8th grade math and Algebra 1 students need to check their school email on our website.  I have made assignments that they need to be completing. 

I am holding Zoom math meetings Monday through Friday at 9 am for 8th graders.  The info for links are in their school email. 

Worksheet 2-2

Worksheet 2-3

Worksheet 2-4

Worksheet 2-5

Worksheet 2-6

Worksheet 2-7

Worksheet 2-8

Worksheet 2-9



Ms. Silva's English classes

8th Grade Science,Instructor Renee Stratton

8th Grade Science Break Work

8th Grade Science Week 3-4

Alien Hunting Telescope

Music Then and Now

Frozen Concert

8th Grade Science Week 5-6

Crazy Contraptions

8th Grade Science Week 7-8

Corona Virus

Mr. Holdman 8th Grade US History

The American Revolution Lesson 1    English    Spanish

The American Revolution Lesson 2    English    Spanish

The American Revolution Lesson 3    English    Spanish

The American Revolution Lesson 4    English     Spanish

The American Revolution Lesson 5    English    Spanish

Forming a Government Lesson 1    English    Spanish

Forming a Government Lesson 2    English    Spanish

Forming a Government Lesson 3    English    Spanish

Forming a Government Lesson 4    English    Spanish

April 17, 2020--United States History; Holdman

Final Packet

Middle School Electives

Elective Teachers will post links here

Ms. Garcia - Computer Class

Ms. Cummings - Ag

Please email Ms. Cummings to join the google classroom.  Her email is kcummings@torcschools.net

Free Hunter Education certification now offered online-https://www.hunter-ed.com/newmexico/studyGuide/20103303/


High School and Middle School Band/Choir Assignments-Instructor, Carmella Barreras

Edmodo Class Code Info

TCMS Band Edmodo Code

TCMS Choir Edmodo Code

TCMS Choir- 99abcs

Music Theory Worksheet 15 Ties & Slurs

Music Theory Worksheet 16 Flats

Music Theory Worksheet 17 Sharps

Music Theory Worksheet 18 Whole-Half Steps


Middle School Art  Instructor, Kim Artman


STEM Class Instructor, Terie Hafner

STEM Lessons

STEM Work for Week of April 6

STEM Work for Week of April 20

STEM Activities for Week of May 4

Martha Gaby Sulzer, Middle School Spanish for Native Speakers Class

Spanish for Native Speakers

Packet #3 for Native Speakers

Hot Springs High School

High School Teachers will post links here

Ms.Michelle Cullum - 11th Grade History & AP History, 12th Grade Economics & AP Government 9th-12th Grade Criminal Justice

  • My classes will continue to receive their instruction and resources through Google Classroom.  classroom.google.com



    Criminal Justice and AP US History (WNMU classes) - continue on wnmu.instructure.com


Instructor- Kristi Cummings

Please email Ms. Cummings to join the google classroom.  Her email is kcummings@torcschools.net

The google class code is mfsxi3z

Foods Class








watch “Before the Plate” on Vimeo-

URL: https://vimeo.com/272938054 (right click and select 'open in new tab')
Password: btp


Chemistry, Physics and Coding Classes- Instructor Selim Castrejon

Students please check your District email accounts for instructions. All work will be uploaded to the Edmodo platform daily.


Instructor Sherry Copeland, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus and Calculus classes-

AP Calculus AB/BC students please review the following links.

Testing Guide Link



2020 AP Exam Checklist



Test Day Explainer Videos



AP Classes and Review Sessions


Please visit the following link

Calculus AB and BC students resources for videos to watch for extra instruction and help:



Pre-Calculus and Calculus Resource:


Follow the links to get information on live lessons and to get information on taking the exam to help you get Ready for the exam: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/ap-course-schedule?SFMC_cid=EM298999-&rid=75860519  



Instructor Marisa Guaderrama- Financial Literacy class


Back Then 

Roommates and Money

Time Budget



High school Geometry, Instructor Marisa Guaderrama

For ch 10 notes use this link:  https://new.edmodo.com/post/714534684

Practice problems in work book (pictures will be posted in remind app):

pg 259: 1,4,6,9,12,14

pg 263: 1,4,10,13,26

pg 267: 1,2,21

pg 271: 1,3,4,12, 17

pg 275: 1-3,4,9,16

pg 279: 1,2,9,11,18,22

pg 283: 1-6,9


Resources for help:













Geometry Work - wk 3-4

Geometry Work wks 5-8


Algebra 1 and Geometry, Instructor Katherine Garcia

Chapter 11 Rational Expressions

Lesson 11-2 Multiplying Rational Expressions

Lesson 11-3 Dividing Rational Expressions

Chapter 11 Surface Area and Volume Guided Notes and Classwork

Unit 11 Review Packet









Letter for Students

Classwork Algebra 1 Descriptive Data Analysis

Descriptive Data Analysis Module

Descriptive Data Analysis Module

Geometry 2nd Packet

Ag Classes, Instructor Julian Marta

If anyone has any questions, remember you can e-mail me at any time!



Online FFA Record Book for SAE projects, applications and awards. Students can e-mail me for their usernames and password resets if necessary.




Students can judge limited classes of horses and livestock for practice. If students want access to the chapter account for unlimited access, they can e-mail me for username and password.



CDE's - New Mexico Agricultural Education & FFA Association

Contests are listed in alphabetical order - please scroll to find your contest. Below each title are links to the official rules and scantron, with all study materials and resources in the left hand bulleted list.


FFA judging rules and resources.




Resources for remote lessons through the National FFA Website including virtual field trips, lesson plan libraries and the FFA Handbook.

Student help for online record books for FFA: 


HSHS Ag Remote Learning Bingo

Free Hunter Education certification now offered online-https://www.hunter-ed.com/newmexico/studyGuide/20103303/



Instructor Mark Hedge, Biology I, II, III, and Advanced Biology classes

Biology 1

Biology 2

Biology 3

Biology 1 Advanced

Biology Advanced Topics

Chapters 4, 5, and 6

High School and Middle School Band/Choir Assignments-Instructor, Carmella Barreras

Edmodo Class Code Info:

HSHS Vocal Ensemble Edmodo Code

HSHS Band Edmodo Code 

HSHS Driver's Ed. Spring Semester - 3j743u

​HSHS Vocal Ensemble (Choir) - 39nexp


Music Theory Worksheet 15 Ties & Slurs

Music Theory Worksheet 16 Flats

Music Theory Worksheet 17 Sharps

Music Theory Worksheet 18 Whole-Half Steps


High School Computer Classes, Instructor-Karen Pape

Computer Literacy

Things That Make Me Mad

How to Succeed in High School

Computer Literacy Packet April 13-24

May 1 -15 Packet:

PowerPoint directions for Livin' For the Weekend (2020)!

Banks Letter (JFK)

Surgeon Operates


Computer Applications

Carla's Cereal Corporation

City of Albuquerque

Loan Interest and Payment

Computer Apps Packet April 13-24

I will be available during school hours M-F for the remainder of the year at:  kpape@torcschools.net

Thanks so much!  Take care! 😊



High School Basic Math- Instructor, Rebecca Beidler

5/1/2020 Math Packet

Basic Math Packet

Basic Math at HSHS, for 4/6 through 4/17

Decimal Review Packet

High School English – all instructors

English 1 Classes, Instructor Robin Wyatt, rwyatt@torcschools.net

KMG 16-19

KMG 16-19 Questions

Rewrite Directions

Rewrite Chapter

Language Arts Class, Instructor Julie Bryan, jbryan@torcschools.net

The link for my Edmodo page is:


The class code is: kx67zq

Horodowich - English

May 1, 2020 Updated Info

Ms. Horodowich’s classes:  I miss you all so much!  Please email me at khorodowich@torcschools.net from the email address that you can check weekly.

English IV Honors

Continue working on your portfolio.  An electronic version is due to Ms. Horodowich no later than May 1, 2020.  Senior Portfolio order: Cover page, Hello Letter, Resume, Data Sheet, Transcript and 3 letters of recommendation.

English III and ELD (7th period)

-Continue to use www.quizlet.com (search for “Khorodowich9” and quiz yourself on vocabulary or literary terms)

-Continue to use Khan Academy to review for the SAT or ACT

Here is an English Challenge for you:

  1. Directions
  2. Short Story Challenge
    Short Story: “Ruthless” by William de Mille: https://www.commonlit.org/en/texts/ruthless
  3. Grammar Challenge
  4. Poetry Challenge   
  5. Movie Review Challenge
  6. Personal Writing Challenge
  7. Word Choice Challenge 1
    Word Choice Challenge 2      
  8. Inference Challenge
  9. Debate Challenge



JROTC classes, Instructor’s Haro and Baca

JROTC Assignment

I am teachings lessons on the Constitution for my students. 


1. Go to the website and subscribe

2. Watch the videos and respond via email

To jbaca@torcschools.net 




High School Health Class- Instructor, Derek Bean

Comprehensive Health Power Point 

Chapter 9 Presentation

Chapter 9 Practice Test 

Chapter 10 Presentation

Chapter 10 Practice Test


Chapter 11 Presentation

Chapter 11 Practice Test


Chapter 12 Presentation

Chapter 12 Practice Test

High School English-Instructor Daniel Terrazas

English Assignments

High School World History & NM HIstory-Instructor Gus Cardona

History Class Edmodo Codes

NM History Chapter 5

World History Chapter 17

New Mexico Counties and County Seats Instructions

New Mexico Counties and County Seats Test

World History States and Capitals - Due May 15, 2020 at 12:00PM

The following are the assignments for World History. The book is on line

 https://my.mheducation.com and students have their pass words.


Read the chapter pages 291-309 and answer the questions at the end of each lesson. 

  • Lesson 1: pages 291-298 do questions 1-5 only. Number 6 the writing activity we can do together in class.
  • Lesson 2: pages 298-304 do questions 1-5. Number 6 the writing activity we can do together in class.
  • Lesson 3: pages 305-309 do questions 1-4. Number 5 the writing activity we can do together in class.

Remember to write down the highlighted words to be used on his vocabulary test as he reads the lesson. After he is  done with the lessons the assessments will began. Vocabulary test, quiz and chapter test. 

NM History Packet

World History Packet


Drivers Ed - Instructor Carmella Barreras.

HSHS Driver's Ed Edmodo Code

HTD Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Review

Chapter 11 Test

HTD Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Review

Chapter 12 Alcohol Quiz

Chapter 12 Test The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs on Driving

HTD Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Review

Chapter 13 Test

HTD Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Review

Chapter 14 Test

HTD Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Review

Chapter 15 Test

HTD Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Review

Chapter 16 Test

HTD Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Review

Chapter 17 Test

HTD Final Test

Instructor Markus Boenisch, High School Biology/Technology 

Sign in or join a class if they have not Google Classroom: ( https://classroom.google.com )
Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom

Period 1 – Biology – s455f66

Period 2 – Technology - ee6bmsm 

Period 4 – Biology – pmnucfh 

Period 5 – Technology – oexllzv

Period 6 – Biology – atlfwno

Period 7 – Biology – ets54v3

For the google assignments, they must include their name and period. They should send them to: 

(utepvolcanologist@gmail.com )



Ecology 6.1 Form Responses

Ecology 6.1 Answer Sheet



Art, Yearbook, and Dual Enrollment, Eric Fernandez, High School Elective Instructor


The last art assignment for pickup will be the 2020 Congressional Art Contest. Here is the general rules and info:



Due to the suddenly changing circumstances the contest has been adapted so students can work from home. As far as subject matter, it is very open ended and I encourage the students to treat this as their final art statement and really use their imagination to make a piece of art that they are proud of. You may use any medium you wish or have at home. Play to your strengths. If you feel that you’re strongest in black and grey pencil drawings, go crazy. If you love watercolors, go big. Read the rules and you’ll see that the only real restrictions are that you keep it under 26” by 26” and keep it appropriate enough to hang in the halls of congress. You do not need to frame it, that step only comes into play if you are selected for the final rounds of the contest. You will need to fill out an official entry form here: https://www.house.gov/sites/default/files/uploads/documents/2020-Student-Release-Form-Fillable.pdf


You may submit a photograph of your artwork (no need to give me the original if you want to keep it) but be sure to email it to me at efernandez@torcschools.net so that I can grade it before we send your entry off.


Have fun with it and make exactly the kind of art that you want to. It’s our last hurrah for the 2019-2020 school year! Thanks for taking my class and making all of the art we made together this year, I am super proud of what we accomplished. Keep making good art!


Mr. Fernandez

The 2020 Western Governor’s Association Art contest! We have entered for the last several years and have done very well. Please pick up a final entry form from the atrium between 9am-1pm this Friday. Alternately, you may enter via email on a paper you have at home this year, just complete the entry form below and email with a high quality picture of your art to efernandez@torcschools.net . You do not have to choose to represent New Mexico in your artwork but you must choose a state west of the Mississippi. 

Celebrate the West Painting Contest

 Links related to the contest:


Entry form: https://westgov.org/images/editor/Celebrate_the_West_entry_2020.pdf

Rules: https://westgov.org/images/editor/CTW_Updated_Rules_2020.pdf


Contest #1: American Legion Poppy Poster contest. Rules are here:http://ndala.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/10-Poppy-CoverSheet.pdf


Contest #2: Earth Day Poster. First annual art contest sponsored locally. Can be based on any environmental issue, wildlife, pollution, climate, recycling, etc. 

 There are already official poster entries at the atrium for pickup. 2 per student please

Please fill out student info stamp on back of each. 



Log on and work on yearbook pages as usual at yearbooks.pixami.com


Dual enrollment:

Log in and work as usual on instructure.nmsu.com


Online High School Students

This is the secure Edgenuity (E2020) website for students utilizing our school online courses. This will take them directly to their login page to continue their work.