Free Internet Service

T or C Schools has setup free internet service at any of our building sites for anyone to use.


Connect to TorCSchools-Guest SSID and follow instruction on your screen.


Free/Discounted Internet Service

Free/discounted internet services now being offered to students



TDS will be offering free internet service to customers with students or those in financial need. The offer is for new customers and those who live within our current service areas. The service will be offered for 60 days. The offer is to provide internet access to those that cannot afford to do so during the crisis. For eligibility details and for additional information, please go to (short link to page: )


TDS is also making sure connectivity remains consistent as we expected increased usage at this time.  If you have any service-related questions or concerns, please reach out to TDS at 1-844-239-9621




Windstream is providing a free/discounted rate for students/families in need of internet service.


The contact information is the following: 


Name: Alison


Phone: 877-610-2905 ext. 43790